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Texas Utility Locating

Texas Utility Locating

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Our goal and #1 priority is to provide quality inspections with the highest customer care  at the lowest cost possible. Saving You Money!
  • Irrigation line locating

  • Irrigation controller wires

  • Parking lot lights

  • Inground lighting

  • Septic lines

  • Pool lines

  • Gas line Locating

  • Cable Locating

  • Fiber Optic Locating

  • Electric Line Locating

  • Sewer Locating

  • Telephone line Locating

Commercial Leak Detection

We can perform commercial leak detection services without interruption to your business. We are available after your business hours. Call our office to schedule an appointment suitable to your business needs

  • Leaks under foundations
  • Leaks under driveways
  • Leaks under patios 

Residential Leak Detection

Residential leaks can be an endless financial burden and can cause unwanted property damage. Through our detailed process and use of specialized leak detection equipment we can isolate leak for easy repair

  • Propane line locating

  • Well lines

  • Water main location

  • Drain culverts 

  • Abandon lines

  • Pond equipment lines

  • Water main leak
  • Irrigation leak  
  • Source & origin
  • Slab leaks
  • Plumbing 
  • Swimming pools, spas  & fountains 

Service Region - Texas 

Texas Locating, LLC P.O. Box 10236 College Station, Texas  : PH 936.645.7807 Fax 979.703.6136  



Locating sub-surface pipe leaksswimming pool leaks,

and plumbing leaks can be difficult for the most experienced 

leak detector. Combining state-of-the-art leak detection 

and advanced utility locating equipment allows us to more

accurate on the job. Our advance technology and innovative

strategies in these two industries alleviates additional financial

stress and further unnecessary work.


Underground Utility Locating and Leak Detection Company

Texas Utility Locating is committed to providing the Brazos

Valley and the state of Texas with a dependable locating

service. We specialize in underground utility locating and

leak detection

We depend on advanced locating technology and contemporary

methods to provide accurate results. Providing accurate results  

to alleviate additional stress and further unnecessary work.     

As an Aggie owned and operated family business, we dedicate ourself

to quality customer care. 


Texas Utility Locating perform services according to the

industry standard of the National Utility Locating Contractor

Association and we are members of Common Ground

Alliance. We ensure everyone involved with the project is

informed of the results. 

We locate privately owned utility lines past the easement

and (upon request) double check the one call contractor marks.

The One Call Center contractors are qualified technicians and

perform good work, in spite of that, errors occur and accuracy 

may need to be verified.